Classes 5-7

Autumn 2017


Class 7


Class Seven were delighted to welcome two new members into their team this year with Aisling Foran and Pierce Delamere joining the senior class for learning and fun as we develop those skills for independence.






This year Eoin Carey and Dylan Bartley are preparing for graduation with their Transition Challenge in the ASDAN learning programme. They will be ably assisted by their friends in growing and working across all subjects in the Curriculum. They presented a great assembly last week to celebrate national tree week. They showed the other class groups how to plant an acorn and in the Spring we will see how great oak trees from little acorns grow.


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The students also registered their team for the Junior Entrepreneur programme in September and are starting to brainstorm their ideas to start their own classroom business. Exciting times ahead as they plan to build on the great success of last year’s enterprise for graduates Anthony Clarke and Jessica Sherrock whose story was featured in the national teachers’ magazine ‘In Touch’.


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Class 6


The long warm days of summer begin to fade into the long evenings. Autumn is here once again. Class 6 have been very busy this Autumn preparing for the winter ahead. There is lots to do in the garden, leaves to collect and weeds to pick.  Everyday, we have to wrap up warm with out coats, hats and scarves against the cold wind outside. We notice it rains more often and we update our weather chart every day.


The weather has been especially stormy this Autumn with Storm Ophelia being the worst in memory. This Autumn, we learn about the different weathers and how we can help our animal friends in the garden in this weather. Don’t forget to leave a saucer of milk for the hedgehog or some crumbs for the robin! We learn to sing our song “Autumn Leaves are falling down” and do the actions too.









Class 5


Come in if you dare!.  Class 5 are busy making all sorts of scary Halloween decorations.  From a night sky full of bats to scary ghosts, the children are looking forward to lots of trick or treating over the holidays.


Flying Bats




The children have been listening to ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and engaging in activities based on the story.





December 2016


Class 5


With Christmas around the corner Class 5 have made a fantastic display for the door to their classroom! Have a look all, it does not disappoint!



Class 7


In the run up to the Advent calendar, the pupils of Class 7 decided to visit the local church in Johnstown. They have also entered into the Junior Enterprise Programme where the class, as a team, create a business and over a 12-16 week period work to make an eventual profit! All of us in St. Mary’s can’t wait to see what the gang in Class 7 have in stored for us! Ontop of their already busy schedule, Class 7 have also been up to a spot of cookery, learning how to make pizza’s! They look delicious guys!



November 2016


Class 7


Our senior classes have up to a lot during the first half of the winter term and Class 7 are leading the way! Most recently, they took a trip out to Petmania to visit all animals on display. Before heading there, Class 7 stopped by the Ardboyne Hotel for a second breakfast! The staff there also gave the guys and gals in Class 7 a quick presentation on all the different types of pets for sale in their shop. All of the students in Class 7 were so thankful to the staff in Petmania and hope to visit again soon.


Petmania 1 Petmania 2 Petmania 3 Petmania 4 Petmania 5


Class 6


The boys and girls in Class 6 have had an exciting first half of term learning all about the coming months of winter and how to prepare yourself for the cold days that are in store this winter. They also had a fantastic time at our Halloween party and have been learning their own individual hygiene programs.



What a nice red hat that is shaping up to be!




Class 5


For the first half of term, class 5 have been exploring the change that autumn brings to our environment. They have learnt why leaves fall off of trees and that the climate differs from summer!


BK EC LS cleaning PT 


Here are the guys learning about autumn, learning how to hang out the laundry and having some fun at our Halloween party with a very scary dinosaur!



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