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17th May 2019
A very successful gathering was organised to honour the 40 years service and retirement of some of our staff members.

Newsletter First term 2018-2019

Halloween photos 2018



 Green Flag

In celebration with Class 2 Juniors and Class A3, we looked at accessibility to places we visit while on an outing.  Class A3 and Class 2 visited Mc Donalds and looked at the needs of children with wheelchairs and how easy or difficult it was for each group to use the premises.

New Unit open in 2017

June 2017

St. Mary’s Celebrates The Sacrament of Confirmation for thirteen pupils

The 1st of June was the day for another prestigious religious event in St. Mary’s with a total of thirteen pupils making their conformation. The Sacrament of Confirmation confers special graces of the Holy Spirit upon the person being confirmed, just as such graces were granted to the Apostles on Pentecost. Like Baptism, therefore, it can only be performed once, and Confirmation increases and deepens all of the graces granted at Baptism. With another superb showing by the school choir and the kitchen staff alike, all that was left for the weather to hold! A special thank you must also go to everyone in St.Mary’s Church in Johnstown for making the day such a fantastic success.

May 2017

The Lighthouse Community Church iCare Scheme comes to St. Mary’s

It was a very busy month of May for St. Mary’s with the iCare Team from the Lighthouse Church in Navan volunteering to help transform our yard with spray on stencils and also very kindly helping to tidy up the greenery around the school! These volunteers gave up their Saturday for a great cause and everyone at St. Mary’s is extremely grateful to all of your contributions. The Lighthouse Community Church was set up in Navan in 2004, when six people from Hawaii formed the Church with an ideology that people could get to know God. They have since grown tenfold with a youth facility and have been serving the wider community with iCare projects such as the one done in St. Mary’s.

     iCare7 iCare6 

Students making their First Holy Communion

On the 17th of May, we had six students making their First Holy Communion’s. A child’s First Holy Communion is one of the most important days of a person’s childhood and we at St. Mary’s are delighted to guide our pupils during this critical junction of their earlier years. A special thanks must be given to our school choir for contributing their angelic voices to the day and Philyis, Rosemary & all the staff in the kitchen who put on a fantastic display for all of the families of the children. 

April 2017

Class A5 took part in the Irish Aid Awards 2017

The students of Class A5 took part in this years Irish Aid Awards. Their goal was to highlight the conservation efforts that are taking place in Gorongoza and the other places that Irish Aid have helped contribute towards improving the standard of life. Class A5 made a song about the efforts of Irish Aid and recorded it in Bass Studio’s Blanchardstown. We were then shortlisted for the regional finals! Teacher Anthony Gallagher and pupil Stephen attended the regional final on behalf of Class A5, alas we did not advance through to the next round but we were awarded a plaque with our efforts! We are intending to release the song on CD for purchase to the general public with all profits going towards St. Mary’s Special School, Meath Autism Network and Irish Aid. If you’re interested in purchasing a CD please contact the school!


Navan Rotary Club comes to visit St. Mary’s

On the 8th of November we were delighted to host Navan Rotary Club who came to visit our school and tour the facilities. The Rotary Club had previously sponsored our adventure playground back in 1997. Mr Lavery gave the members of the Rotary Club a presentation about what our school stands for, who we cater for and our plans for the future. We we’re delighted to host them and hope to have them back very soon!


Here we see pupils from Class A3 pictured with our Principal and a member from the Rotary Club. In the other image is our adventure playground which was kindly sponsored by the Rotary Club in 1997.

Halloween time in St. Mary’s




 Class 2 – Jack and the Beanstalk

website 003

St. Mary’s ongoing greens schools initiatives continues to ensure we are being kind and considerate to the environment around us.

website 011

Green Flag work

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Horse Riding

website 013

 A2 enjoying horse riding – Helpful Horses

 Exploring Water in Class 1

website 014

Class 4 preparing for Valentines Day

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Springtime blossoms in St. Mary’s

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Project work in Class 7 – Education can be fun!

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St. Mary’s Special School sets out on a new journey with assistance from Francis

St Mary’s Special School, Johnstown, Navan is setting out on a new journey and has commenced fundraising to bring modern equipment and facilities to over 80 pupils from all over Co. Meath who attend the School. The pupils have varying disabilities from moderate to profound learning disabilities and some pupils with a diagnosis of autism also attend. It is the only school of its type in the county and was established over 40 years ago.

However, it still remains in temporary accommodation. Final stages are progressing for the development of a new purpose built school. The new school when built by the Department of Education and Skills will replace the temporary accommodation on a new site. The school requires funds on an ongoing basis and will require significant funds to fit out the new building with purpose built modern equipment which the pupils deserve and are looking forward to.

In recent weeks the school has been gifted with the presentation of a recording of a CD of sacred and classical music by the legendary Francis Duffy as a means of enriching the lives of our pupils. The CD is entitled ‘All that I Am’. Francis is a retired Administrator having worked for over 48 years in industry (Navan Carpets & Wellman International) and as a Golf Club Manager. He is a keen musician having played cornet/trumpet for many years with Navan Silver Band and Navan Swing Band and as guest soloist. The CD is a breath of fresh air and worthy of a worldwide audience.


The official launch of the CD will be performed by the 2015 Rose of Tralee and will take place in the Solstice Arts Centre, Navan on Thursday 15th October at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend. Francis will perform tunes from the CD on the night, including Ave Maria, Beautiful Isle of Somewhere and All that I Am, while the Rose of Tralee, Elysha Brennan will meet and greet the guests who attend. The CD will also be available for purchase on the night with all proceeds going to St. Mary’s Special School.

The Board of Management and the Parents Association have come together in this joint fundraising venture, initiated by the generosity and talents of Francis Duffy, to whom they are extremely grateful. If you would like to consider supporting the initiative you can contact the school at (046) 9023745 or contact Fiona
on (086) 8927634.

St. Mary’s Special School Parents Association

bog walk

Thanks to the Parents and Friends of
St. Mary’s Special School, Navan

Pupils, parents and school staff of St. Mary’s Special School, Navan are pictured at the Presentation of €4,150 to the School following the very successful ‘Loop the Bog Walk’ at Girley, Fordstown, Navan.

The funding will be used to support the running of the two school owned mini buses, used for travel to swimming and other activities. The final amount raised was €4,451 and this now means that the Parents Association can also contribute to the upgrade works required to the school playground.

The Parents Association wish to thank all families, friends and the county wide community for their ongoing support.


Summertime display boards are blooming




Class 2


Class 6


Class 7

Easter Holidays

The Easter holidays begin Monday the 30th March 2015 to April 10th 2015.  School resumes Monday April 13th 2015.  Happy Easter!

Students enjoy the daffodils in our sensory garden at St. Mary’s.


   Spring Poem

Spring, spring is coming soon,
Grass is green and flowers bloom,
Birds returning from the south
Bees are buzzing all about,
Leaves are budding everywhere
Spring, spring is findly here!

Spring has finally arrived in St. Mary’s and students are busy decorating their display boards.

Front Hall Spring Display Board


Class 1 – Spring Display


Class 2 – Butterfly Display for Spring


Class 2 – Caterpillar Story Board


Class 3 – Spring is Here!


Class 4- Circle Time Board – Letter of the Week P


Cherry Blossoms at St. Mary’s


Catholic School Week in St. Marys 2015


Catholic Schools Week involved  students designing a Peace Board for their classrooms.


All students are learning a liitle prayer for Grandparents’ Day.

I’m blessed to know that I am loved

by someone wise and true

Someone who loves me as I am

That someone, of course is you

Happy grandparents’ Day

Classes were all very busy since Christmas displaying work on their boards.

Class 1- Winter


Class 2 – Winterscene


Classs 3 – Seasonal Change


Class 4 – Wintertime


Class 5 – Elephants & Tigers



Class 6 – Favorite Animals


Class 7 – The Brown Bears


Class A1 – Going on a Bear Hunt


Class A2 – The Amazing Oak Tree


 Class A3 – Keeping Track of the Weather


Green Schools

St. Mary’s received the Energy Green Flag in May 2014. Well done to everyone for all their hard work!

St. Mary’s Special School received the Green School Flag in May 2012. We continue to work hard to make our school greener. Each class is recycling materials such as plastic bottles, paper, milk cartons etc. Each week at assembly, one class is presented with the “Germbusters of the Week” award. We had a very successful “Green Day” in the school in November 2011 where all the children dressed up wearing something green. Peter Brady – Environmental Officer – was our special guest on the day.
Staff and pupils travel to Kells Recycling Centre regularly to recycle. In November 2011 Staff and students visited the centre for our Community Awareness Day. St. Mary’s Special School also received a wormery recently. Each class is timetabled to feed the worms.

School Events taking place in our school include;

• Weekly Assembly
• First Holy Communion
• Confirmation
• Monthly Prayer Service
• Graduation Ceremony
• Term Masses
• Annual Sports Day
• Family Fun Day
• Christmas Concert

In St. Mary’s students take part in school Activities such as;

• Physical Education
• Swimming
• Cycling, Walking
• Horse riding
• Soccer, basketball
• Education & Social Outings
• Outdoor Pursuits
• Networking with local schools