February 2015


Catholic School Week in St. Marys 2015


Catholic Schools Week involved  students designing a Peace Board for their classrooms.


All students are learning a liitle prayer for Grandparents’ Day.


I’m blessed to know that I am loved

by someone wise and true

Someone who loves me as I am

That someone, of course is you

Happy grandparents’ Day


Classes were all very busy since Christmas
displaying work on their boards.

Class 1- Winter


Class 2 – Winterscene



Classs 3 – Seasonal Change


Class 4 – Wintertime


Class 5 – Elephants & Tigers




Class 6 – Favorite Animals


Class 7 – The Brown Bears


Class A1 – Going on a Bear Hunt


Class A2 – The Amazing Oak Tree


 Class A3 – Keeping Track of the Weather


Green Schools

St. Mary’s received the Energy Green Flag in May 2014. Well done to everyone for all their hard work!

St. Mary’s Special School received the Green School Flag in May 2012. We continue to work hard to make our school greener. Each class is recycling materials such as plastic bottles, paper, milk cartons etc. Each week at assembly, one class is presented with the “Germbusters of the Week” award. We had a very successful “Green Day” in the school in November 2011 where all the children dressed up wearing something green. Peter Brady – Environmental Officer – was our special guest on the day.
Staff and pupils travel to Kells Recycling Centre regularly to recycle. In November 2011 Staff and students visited the centre for our Community Awareness Day. St. Mary’s Special School also received a wormery recently. Each class is timetabled to feed the worms.

School Events taking place in our school include;

• Weekly Assembly
• First Holy Communion
• Confirmation
• Monthly Prayer Service
• Graduation Ceremony
• Term Masses
• Annual Sports Day
• Family Fun Day
• Christmas Concert

In St. Mary’s students take part in school Activities such as;

• Physical Education
• Swimming
• Cycling, Walking
• Horse riding
• Soccer, basketball
• Education & Social Outings
• Outdoor Pursuits
• Networking with local schools