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Our School Ethos

St. Mary’s specialises in meeting the educational needs of students between the ages of four and eighteen years with Moderate Learning Disabilities; Autism; Challenging Behaviour and Severe to Profound Learning Disabilities. Curriculum and organisational content is child centred and designed to accommodate individual learning styles so that all students may experience success. The staff at St. Mary’s is committed to creating a structured, trusting and caring environment which enables dynamic teaching and learning experiences. Post primary students are offered vocational training in practical subjects as well as independent living skills.

Mission Statement

  1. Aim to create a happy, safe and caring atmosphere where each individual/child is empowered to achieve their potential
  2. To provide a safe, secure and happy environment where all children will be considered as individuals to develop each child’s full potential in partnership with all those involved in their everyday lives.
  3. To enable our pupils to reach their potential in a safe, happy and stimulating environment.
  4.  To have a happy, welcoming environment with respect and tolerance for every individual where the children have the opportunity to reach their full in a supportive and enlightening environment.
  5. Provide a caring, stimulating atmosphere which leads into a positive, safe learning environment that encourages independence and equality for each Student.
  6. To fully realise the potential of each child in terms of social, personal, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical development and therefore improve the quality of the child’s life.
  7. To promote learning as an enjoyable process which encourages thepupils to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered throughout their school life which will equip them for adulthood.
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